Attention Bootcamp Owners and Fitness Pros:

“Here’s Everything You Need To Start a Thriving and Massively Profitable Fitness Boot Camp Business That Will Become The Envy Of Every Trainer in Town!”

Personal trainers and fitness pros everywhere are buzzing about this proven system -- and now you too can make a lot of money this year without working a lot of hours.
Read on to find out how…

Talk to just about any fitness pro out there, and you’ll hear a story that’s probably similar to yours…

You work long hours. You get up at the crack of dawn some days for early training sessions, and you’re often one of the last people to leave the gym at night. Some nights you just drop into bed exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong— I bet you love what you do. It’s thrilling when your favorite clients gush about how much weight they lost or how much faster they are since they started working with you. You’re changing bodies. You’re changing lives.

And yet…

You want more. You’d love to get even better results for your clients. You’d love to have more clients. And yeah, you’d love to be making more money for all the long and hard hours you put in.

But it’s a struggle to get clients when you’re not the only game in town. Seems like you spend way too much time doing all that marketing stuff—and worse yet, it’s not even working. Flyers, door hangers, you name it… You can pound the pavement for hours and only get one or two leads. It hardly seems worth it.

Listen, we’ve been there…

We know what it’s like to work long hours in the gym and bust your butt to make a living…

But we also know how to turn things around really quick so you can start making more money while working fewer hours.

Take Jesse Stoddard as an example…

The 2008 recession hit him HARD. He lost the gym he owned. He had to completely start from scratch with no clients and no money. You can bet he was doing the door-hanger thing. (Which wasn’t working all that great either.)

Around this time he was introduced to fitness expert Georgette Pann’s fitness boot camp system. It made a lot of sense to him so he used the system to start his own fitness boot camp.

Fast forward just a couple short months, and he was making $300 an HOUR running fitness boot camps. And it wasn’t long after that when he started pulling down $10,000 per month with his boot camp enterprise spread out across four cities.

Jesse isn’t some weird exception—if he can do it, you can do it too. All you need to do is get your hands on the same proven step-by-step system Georgette Pann and Jesse Stoddard developed and use every day to run their incredibly successful fitness boot camps.

And that’s exactly what you’re about to get your hands on right now…

Introducing The Boot Camp Business Enterprise System… This is Your Sep-by-Step Blueprint for Starting and Running Your Own Profitable Fitness Boot Camp Business!

You don’t need any experience running boot camps. You don’t need to plunk down obscene amounts of money for gym franchise fees. All you need to get started right now is a fire in your belly and this extremely profitable system.


Everybody knows that group training and boot camps work ...

If you do them RIGHT.

And in order to do them right, you need to follow a proven formula.

In fact…

If you’re doing group training and boot camps now and you’re not getting the results you want, it probably has nothing to do with your ability to train or your certifications…

And it has nothing to do with how fancy looking your website is.
Or how many degrees you earned in college (if any).
Or what kind of equipment you use.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not how your resume looks ...or even how educated you are.

...It’s all in how you systemize and market your business.urse…

Yes, there’s a FORMULA for “doing it right” – and that’s exactly what you’re about to discover when you order the Fitness Boot Camp Enterprise system today.

Order now, and you’ll get instant access to over 40 videos with over 20 hours of training and 250 pages of detailed instruction. This is truly a detailed “no guesses” system for setting up your own profitable boot camp business.

This training includes eight “take action” modules – that means you put into practice what you learn so you can see real results right away. You’ll build your business one component at a time so you’ll never get overwhelmed.

But the materials and training are just part of the Enterprise course…

You’ll also get instant access to fitness bootcamp expert Georgette Pann where you’ll get all your questions answered …

Together we have over 42 years of experience between us working as fitness pros, and now you can tap into our expertise any time you want.  That means you’ll have all the help you need every step of the way as you build your own thriving (and fun!) boot camp business!

Now you’re probably a little curious about the 8-step formula that you’ll get inside this course…

Here’s an overview of the 8 training modules included inside this course and how you too can use them to build your own thriving boot camp business…

Step/Module 1: Get your business set up correctly and get it off the ground

Most personal trainers and group fitness instructors never become Fitness Professionals. They stay amateurs who don’t get any business education.
They simply crash before takeoff.

The few who actually launch a business rarely pick the right structure, almost never have a good business plan, are completely wrong in their financial planning, and have no clue what it actually costs. Because they fail to think through this carefully, everything costs twice as much and takes three times as long.

TIP: You don’t need as much money as you think because you aren’t going to be taking high risks! You are going to have a higher probability of success with LOW overhead. We’ll show you how inside this module!

Step/Module 2: Find and Secure the RIGHT Locations

And A Great Way To Find the BEST Locations ...



Because It’s Pretty Much Impossible To Make Money As A Gym Owner When You Are Forking Over All Your Dough To Your Landlord...

Examples: Gymnastics, Indoor Soccer, Martial Arts, Community Centers

That’s why you’ll find out the best and most affordable way to get your business up and running fast, with very little to zero investment in facilities!

It Sets You Up For Part Three Of The Formula.

Step/Module 3: Programming

Most trainers are completely preoccupied and event outright freaked out about their workouts.

But the Clients Don’t Care

They Just Want RESULTS... And a Good EXPERIENCE.

That’s why you will need a good WORKOUT TEMPLATE DESIGN STRATEGY.

See, you don’t need to buy a thousand workout programs off the Internet. You probably have boatloads of that stuff already.

That’s why this course shows you how to get an overall structure, and then simply use it like a template to “plug-n-play” specific exercises and progressions into it. That way, you have an endless variety of workouts for yourself and your trainers.

You also need to make sure that you have a good source for inexpensive equipment. You don’t need big heavy stuff. You need bands, straps, and speed and agility tools. It’s all portable and easy to implement.

Step/Module 4: MARKETING

This is the place 99% of trainers FAIL

The Trick Is To Follow A Simple Plan, and Then Schedule That Plan On Your Calendar (Most Trainers Will NEVER Do This).

Tip: Ignore “Branding”, and “Image Advertising” and learn...

Direct Response.

Simple Tips …

Select a Single Target Market at a Time

Use Headlines And Offers To Compel Prospects To Call YOU

Patiently And Systematically Educate And Motivate Prospects To Meet You... When They’re Ready!

Present Your Training Services In A Way That Makes It EASY To Get Started

You’ll find out how to do all these things and more, plus you’ll even get “copy and paste” templates to use so you don’t have to struggle trying to find the right words!

Step/Module 5: SALES!

TIP: Show Them What Their Desired Outcome Looks Like—USE TESTIMONIALS!

Then Educate Them On How To Get There.

That’s the payoff for the client.

What you’ll learn how to do inside this module is follow a predictable conversation that you lead by asking lots of questions.

First Question: What are you looking to achieve?

Best of all, this is easy to do even if you’re not a “sales person.” You’ll use the same skills to close a sale as you use to train your clients. We’ll show you how!

Then it’s Time For ...

Step/Module 6: Infrastructure and Business Back-end Systems

Every business owner should carefully analyze for unnecessary tasks to be ELIMINATED FIRST.

Most other trainers are running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

Every business should be optimized and automated second.

Most other trainers will NEVER get this far.

But YOU will (and that’s why you’ll have a thriving business). Inside this course you’ll discover the right software and billing system to process EFT and have everything as “hands off” as possible.

You’ll also find out how to delegate so that someone else handles the day-to-day details.

Next up…

Step/Module 7: Finding and Hiring Good Trainers

Here’s the secret to $10,000 a month: Get others doing the training for you! It is the key to time freedom. And that’s why this module will show you exactly how to find and hire the best trainers.

Most owners will simply post to “Help Wanted” Ads and get a ton of totally unqualified slobs applying for a job. Instead, you need a good screening and vetting process that is automated, like a video and form on your website.

But that’s not the best way.

The best way is one of the awesome secrets of our industry...

Recruit From Within!

That’s Right! The best trainers are clients that are die-hard raving fans and have a great story to share!

They believe in you and your methods, are highly motivated, honored to be a part of something, and best of all...

They don’t carry a ton of baggage!

How do you identify and recruit them? That’s what you’ll discover inside this exciting module!

Step/Module 8: Expansion and Market Domination

It’s not good enough just to take the lead. You have to keep the lead. You have to expand if you want more money and the advantages of scale. It is cheaper to buy things in quantity for all of your camps.

The beauty is that once you figure out the first part of the formula, you can repeat it as often as you want – and this module will show you exactly how to do it!

Hint: The trick is to add locations that are cheap even though you are making money.

Remember, it’s not just about how much you make, but about how much you keep!

So here’s the deal…

This Same 8 Step Formula Has Helped Us Build Over 12 Boot Camps and Many, Many Thousands of Dollars of Profits For Himself and His Business Clients – Just Imagine What It Can Do For YOU!

And now that you know what to do, We’re going to show you exactly how to do it when you order now.

Order Now and You’ll Access to The Entire Boot Camp Business Enterprise Course, And All Your Questions Answered Directly by Experts Jesse Stoddard and Georgette Pann

You’ll get everything you need to get money-making boot camps up and running—In as little as 90 days Simply put, this system gives you absolutely everything you need to start, revitalize,or grow your boot camp business. Here’s what you get:

  • You’ll find out how to get a proper business structure, licenses and legal forms so you don’t have lawyers breathing down your neck.
  • You’ll get all the other nuts and bolts so your business is set up the right way from Day #1.
  • You’ll get the actual forms we’ve used to set up our business – you can copy and paste these templates to start up your own business!
  • You’ll find out how to secure awesome low-cost and even free boot camp locations!
  • You’ll get a complete template system for creating the perfect workout every time – that way our clients won’t get bored, and neither will you!
  • You’ll find out the secret of balancing the needs of the group versus the needs of the individual – this creates satisfied clients who keep coming back!
  • You’ll find out how to reward campers, motivate them, and get the kind of great results that will have them absolutely raving about you and our camp!
  • You’ll get the exact automated marketing system we’ve used for years to attract clients and fill your boot camps – just think of how well it will work for you!
  • You’ll get “copy and paste” done-for-you advertisements and scripts so that you don’t have to struggle to come up with the right words!
  • You’ll get a tested and proven system for quickly closing more sales – even if you’re not a natural born sales person. (It’s easier than you think!)
  • You’ll discover the secrets of building rapport with your prospects, overcoming objections, and leading them straight to your order button!
  • You’ll discover you don’t need to fear sales, because you’ll be using the exact same “people skills” you use every day to train your clients. You have the skills – we’ll show you how to put them to work for you to make more money!
  • You’ll find out how to put all the systems in this course on autopilot, saving your hours of time each week!
  • You’ll find out where to get specialized software and systems to take care of things for you like billing, member management, communication – it’s easy and it frees up a lot of time!
  • You’ll find out how to leverage OPT—Other Peoples’ Time – to build a profitable fitness enterprise that will be the envy of every trainer in town!
  • You’ll get the exact steps you need to take to find the best trainers who are a perfect fit for your business. You’ll find out what questions to ask and how to recognize red flags so you can put in place a great team to support you!
  • You’ll discover how to plant multiple boot camps in multiple locations in a single city, plus how to expand to multiple cities so you can dominate an entire county, state or region!
  • You’ll discover how to create a raving fan base of clients that brings you tons of referrals!

And much, much more… All to make you MORE MONEY.

Best of all…

You Can Get Started Today For a Surprisingly Small Investment

Franchises Sell For $15,000 And Have Ongoing Fees of $750 Per Month Per Location, Or Charge A Percentage Of Revenues, And Don’t Have Flexibility.

If You Were To Try To Do This On Your Own, You’d Likely Take At Least Two Years And Spend $10,000.

That’s crazy, right?

So that’s why you’re going to love this deal – and you can get a huge discount if you act fast…

RETAIL: $2,499 ... Limited Time Only $77.00

You Get The Boot Camp Business Enterprise System, The The Bonuses and Access to the Boot Camp Enterprise Course To Build Your Business

Get the entire system for only  $77.00—and get complete access to the Boot Camp Enterprise Member Course!

This option includes everything you see on this page

  • There’s no better way to jump start your fitness business then by learning directly from the pros who’re doing this every day, so click the order button below now to get started.
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Act Now to Get These Two New Bonuses…

My Entire Bootcamp Marketing Kit

Tons of Done for you marketing swipe files...that you can edit for your own promos.

Bootcamp Workouts = 100's of Proven Bootcamp Workouts

Done for you workout manuals inside the Bootcamp Enterprise member area.

"What's A Good Client Worth To YOU?"

I want you to think about how ridiculously LOW this is for a minute.

After all, what’s a good client worth to you?

One good Boot Camp client at $147 per month is worth $1,764 per year.

You could easily charge more for private or small group training, of course.

So getting only ONE new client MORE than pays for this program…

…And I’d be embarrassed and outraged if we can only help you get ONE client from this.

Reason Why To Order Now

Order now, or miss out and there will be a Hike To The Full $2,499
Order now, or the bonuses Will Be Going Away
Order now, or the Offer Expires Completely After This Class Fills

So get started right now by clicking the buy button:

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Get the entire system for only $77.00—and get complete access to the Boot Camp Enterprise Member Course for 1 payment of 77.00

This option includes everything you see on this page:

  •  There’s no better way to jump start your fitness business then by learning directly from the pros who’re doing this every day, so click the order button below now to get started.
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What Do Top Fitness Pros Think Of Us?

Jesse is an accomplished and successful fitness professional who's commitment to improvement, both professionally and for his clients, is unmatched and what ultimately brought us together.

Over the past few years Jesse and I have correspondent on numerous occasions about resistance band training as well as large group training in general.  Jesse, unlike many fitness professionals and business owners, takes action on new knowledge, which he has proven to do with the implementation of the Band Training System into his very successful multi-city boot camp enterprise that he has expanded into a large territory.

Like with Resistancebandtraining.com, Jesse and I share the belief that paying forward and sharing our knowledge is critical to helping grow a fitness profession whose success is totally built around helping others get better.  Jesse's monthly Podcast, which I have had the pleasure of being a guest of, along with being a leader of a fast growing fitness coach entrepreneurial program, demonstrates Jesse’s commitment to sharing his knowledge.

"How To Build Your Own Fitness Boot Camp" is yet another example of Jesse's willingness to pay forward. In a profession where being able to leverage your time to help many instead of few is critical to career success, this book is the blue print to allowing other fitness professionals like myself the opportunity to achieve this.  Along with Jesse's solid boot camp insight, the book also provides fitness professionals with a Rolodex of key training resources, like resistance band training, that having been proven to springboard large group fitness success.

"How To Build Your Own Fitness Boot Camp" is a must have and I would like to personally thank Jesse for sharing his knowledge on how to achieve large group boot camp fitness success."

Dave Schmitz
Dave Schmitz CSCS, PES, Owner Of Resistance Band Training

So, I invested in the Fitness Bootcamp Coaching program about 2 months ago. I mean, I think I was one of the first. Anyway, the program is AWESOME!

It is laid out in a straightforward and concise way that makes sense. Boot camp startup is so much different than one on one personal training at a gym.

I followed the steps as outlined. I took 3 days and went through the course. I then started over and implemented things as I went along. In the first 2 weeks I had a location (1.5 acre parking lot with 5500 sq feet inside as well, for 300.00 a month) and a basic 3 page website and 4 sign-ups from just word of mouth.

Feedback from community before launch: Great price point, nothing like this around here, and its for a great cause. (the facility is a local food pantry--part of each registration is donated)

First class was this morning. Utilizing the training in the course I was able to connect with 2 ladies who dropped in to "give it a try".----Converted both who paid on the spot!!

There is so much more I could go on about but in a nutshell.......

None of this would be possible without Jesse Stoddard and Georgette Pann 's guidance through the course. The course was under priced in my opinion. I have gotten my money back -ROI- 3 weeks ago before we even launched due to, once again, things I learned in the course.

I am now making more money than my old job and I work 3 days a week from 5am to 8am. Yep 9 hours a week to help people get in shape and benefit a charitable organization at the same time. Not to mention time freedom with my family.

Thanks Again,

Jon Paul Ashworth

Jon Paul Ashworth www.BootcampSpanishFort.com.

I started training in 2000.

By 2006, I’d created multiple businesses from in-home PT all the way to owning a large health club.

Up to that point, I struggled to break the $100,000 dollar barrier.

But in 2010, I began focusing my attention on group training and boot camps.

...And the system I followed is the same formula I’m giving to you.

When I first started boot camps I was just one lone crazy guy running around in a park, training anyone within shouting distance.

Have you seen Forest Gump?

Remember the part in the movie when Forest decides to run across the country?

He Starts A Movement!

Well that’s pretty much how it all started...

Clients were paying anywhere from $99 to $199 per month, which made a trainer $300+ per hour - which was more than anything I’d ever seen a trainer earning at the time.

Even though I’d never sold anything exactly  like it before, and even though I’d never done outdoor or indoor boot camps exclusively, I decided to take a gamble.

...I decided to ditch personal training and do nothing but group training boot camps as my entire business model.

The result?

Highest Month = $14,000.

Then I decided to continue expanding and helping other trainers to earn a living too. And again, I used the same formulaic grass-roots boot camp business approach.

That’s when we exploded into multiple cities and dominated our entire county.

We were not only on the front page of google... WE WERE THE FRONT PAGE OF GOOGLE.

I’ve went on to use this exact boot camp business formula to sell over $300,000.00 of boot camp membership revenue, and helped many of my clients implement the same strategies to increase their businesses month after month.

And now I’m giving it to you.

But it gets better.


Price Is Normally $2,499.

But you can have it today for just $77.00

Register Your Spot Now

With the discount and our proven track record ..you cannot lose.


Georgette Pann Bootcamp Expert,CPT

AND Jesse Stoddard, CPT 

Reason Why To Order Now

Order now, or miss out and there will be a Hike To The Full $2,499
Order now, or the bonuses Will Be Going Away
Order now, or the Offer Expires Completely After This Class Fills

Get Started Today for 1 payment of 99.00 (no ongoing fees)

RETAIL: $2,499  ...Limited Time Only $77.00

You Get The Boot Camp Business Enterprise System, The Bonuses, and Access to the Boot Camp Enterprise Course To Build Your Business

Get the entire system for only $77.00—and get complete access to the Boot Camp Enterprise Member Course 


  • There’s no better way to jump start your fitness business then by learning directly from the pros who’re doing this every day, so click the order button below now to get started.
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